Whats the difference between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air?

Apple MacBook Air

The disadvantage of the small size of the MacBook Air is the lack of an Ethernet port (you’ll need to buy an adapter) and an optical drive for CDs and DVDs, only the MacBook Pro offers both of these.

Apple MacBook Air

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Other physical ports are pretty much consistent across the laptops. However, it’s worth noting that Firewire 800 only appears on the MacBook Pro.


If storage capacity is pivotal then the MacBook Pro models offer significantly more with either a 500GB or 750GB hard drive. The MacBook Air only comes with a solid state drive (SSD) which improves performance but is only 256GB at its biggest without upgrading to 512GB.


Graphics power can also be a vital element for some users. If so, then the MacBook Pro will be a better option. The 13in models come with Intel HD 4000 graphics but the 15in models have an additional nVidia GeForce GT 650M with either 512MB or 1GB of RAM. The MacBook Air only offers Intel graphics.

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