How to view Most Recent stories in Facebook’s News Feed

View Most Recent stories on Facebook

View Most Recent stories on Facebook

“There was a time when Facebook was a docile and respectful creature. It did as it was told, when it was told. This made us happy, secure, and ensured that any Victorian chimneys we had remained soot free. But recently there has been a change in this tranquillity as our young charge has begun to show distinct signs of an independent streak. Whereas once you could decide to have your news feed in the sensible and mature order in which people actually post things, now anarchy reigns as Facebook automatically changes it back to Top Stories whenever it feels like it,” wrote Casserly.¬†Also see:¬†13 best Facebook tips and tricks.

And he’s right. No matter how many times you switch your News Feed from Top Stories to Most Recent, Facebook will quickly change it back. All this means is every time you log into Facebook you’ll see a list of posts you’ve already read, some of them several days old.

Switching from Top Stories to Most Recent used to be a simple case of toggling the Sort option at the top of the page. It was frustrating to have to keep doing so, but it was at least a straightforward tweak to make. But just when we thought we had it figured out, Facebook kept us on our toes by removing the Sort option.

It’s still possible to view Most Recent rather than Top Stories in your Facebook News Feed; here’s how.

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