New 1.8GHz Macbook Air Nearly As Powerful As Last Year’s iMac


I’ve been running benchmarks all morning on this 13″ Macbook Air (1.8GHz) and when running Geekbench, looked at past results. Apparently, this machine ranks in between last year’s 21″ 3GHz iMac and last year’s 15″ 2.67GHz Macbook Pro, both running dual core chipsets and at least as much RAM as the newer Macbook Air. That’s pretty amazing. That speed can be mostly contributed to the newer chipset and SSD.

Unfortunately I don’t have (as of yet) the 1.6 or 1.7GHz Macbook Air models, but should they come in I’ll benchmark them as well to see where they stand. Stay tuned for the full review after the weekend.

[Results via Geekbench. My uploaded benchmarks can be viewed here]

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