Macbook Refresh Launch Date Coming Soon, So Says Best Buy (update)


Update: Apple just announced the new Macbook Pros for 2011.

Last night, Engadget reported that Best Buy’s Laptop Configurator tool is showing a handful of new Apple Macbook skus.  In addition to that, the system is also displaying a set of new price points for models that should replace the now 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook pro as well as a new sku and price point of $2,499 that points towards a 17-incher.

Color us interested, but this really doesn’t give us any additional deets on the impending Macbook refresh.  What we’re trying to say is that we know an update is due, but what we really want are the specs and release date, though I suppose this is another indicator that a Macbook refresh is soon on its way.

We checked Best Buy’s laptop configurator and couldn’t see these.

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