Macbook Refresh Coming Soon?

White Macbook
Sorry, but we just can’t resist reporting that a new set of Apple products will arrive any day now.  But, don’t get too excited, because the rumored product refresh isn’t an iOS device and nor is it a beefed up laptop with a touchscreen.  9to5Mac, according to an inside source, says we can expect two new product refreshes in the coming weeks.

First off, Apple will be update the White Macbook Pro to include their Thunderbolt port and a faster processor.  The model number will be: MC914LL/A.  And in less exciting news, you can expect a refresh of the Mac Mini.  Supposedly, three models will get rolled out, which will include a standard version, a built to order version and a server version.  All will probably have faster processors, but it’s not clear if they’ll include Thunderbolt.  Models numbers include: MC936LL/A, MC815LL/A, and MC816LL/A.

On another note, 9to5Mac still expects Apple to update the Macbook Pros later this month, but in all likelihood they’ll arrive in August.  Here’s still hoping for the iPhone 5 in September.

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