Macbook Pros (Winter 2011) Get The Colorware Treatment

Colorware Macbook Pro
Apple products are no longer few and far between.  Sit in any coffee shop and a fair bit of them will be Macbook Pros.  So it’s only fitting that your sense of individualism has significantly diminished as Apple’s market share has vastly increased.

Enter Colorware, a company that has long been outfitting a wide array of hardware in a vast color palette at an added cost.  Entering their stable of products not more than a few weeks after launch is Apple’s latest Macbook Pro computers.  You know, the ones replete with the second gen Intel core processors and the Thunderbolt interface. But, as always a Colorware Macbook Pro comes at a premium.  A fully detailed machine, direct from Colorware, will run you $1,950 while a pre-purchased machine sent in will set you back $550.  Both have a 2-3 week turn around time.

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