Little Buddy Child Tracker Is Commercial Quality Homing Device

It’s…um…about ten thirty AM.  Do you know where your children are?

If you can’t answer yes to that, and even if you can, you may still want to get your hands on a Little Buddy Child Tracker from Insignia.

The Little Buddy Child Tracker does pretty much what it says on the box, and it tracks your children.  Relentlessly.  Like non stop.  You can get the location of the unit at pretty much any time from your cell phone.

Yes, it’s a homing device.  For children.  Now, you may want to start getting cranked up about how children aren’t branded cattle to be tracked relentlessly, though you’d probably love to have this on hand if something happened to Junior.  My concern, however, comes into play in the “misuse” category.  Like instead of, say, tracking Junior someone decides to track Tammy Stalkerbait down the street by slipping it in her car.

Are we as a society ready for tracking devices?  I’m not sure.  But we’ll find out if you can shell out a hundred bucks for your very own Little Buddy Child Tracker.

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