Lenovo Netbook, The Pocket Yoga, Is Just A Concept But A Cool One At That

Before you get too excited, I’m going to preface this article with the fact that the ‘Pocket Yoga’ is in fact a concept only.  As I’m sure the word ‘concept’ will be a disappointment for many, the good news is that the ‘Pocket Yoga’ is or at least has set a precedent for Lenovo computers to come.

Surprisingly, the design or concept is 2 years old and was in fact ‘snuck out’ of their Beijing offices.  In other words, it turns out that the Yoga is kind of old news.  Features you ask?  As you can see it’s wrapped in leather to give it a wallet like element and the screen’s hinge can rotate up to 360 degree and be locked into 3 different position.s  It can be used as a regular computer with keyboard, or the screen can be folded on to its back and turned into a tablet computer with touch capabilities.  Lastly, that buckle, it’s more than a buckle; it can double as a mouse.

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