Details And Pics Leak For Toshiba’s Record Setting 13-Inch Laptop

Details have leaked from VozExpress about an upcoming Toshiba notebook that’s gunning for the title of “world’s lightest 13-inch laptop,” with some innovative new battery and cooling technology to boot.

The as-yet-unnamed notebook will come with the choice of a Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU that works in tandem with a brand new CPU cooling technology dubbed “Blaze Mountain.” Sounds intense. In addition, a battery will be integrated into the device called the Super Charged Ion Battery that promises to charge to 100 percent capacity in a little over ten minutes.

Other specs include a 16:9 display, USB 3.0 support, 4GB RAM, and either a 500GB HDD or a 512GDB SSD. (With the SSD drive option, the entire weight of the laptop comes out to less than 1KG.) And while we can’t see the entire design of the thing from the leaked photo, it does look pretty slick.

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