Apple Store Listing Macbook Pros With 3-5 Day Shipping Time, Refresh Imminent (update)

Macbook Refresh 2011

Update: Apple just announced the new Macbook Pros for 2011.

News of an impending Macbook refresh are just starting to heat up, and let us just say that it’s starting to get hot in here.

Today, we saw that Best Buy’s Laptop Configurator, at least according to Engadget, was showing a set of new prices as well as an all new sku.  And now Apple’s website is listing all the Macbook Pros with a 3-5 day shipping time.  Historically, this has served as an indicator that a product refresh is just days away.  Skeptical?  Fair enough.  But if you look at all their other laptops, including the cheapo Macbook and Macbook Air, they’re all listed with a 24 hour ship time.

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