Acer Rolls Out 4 New Aspire Laptops In Time For The Holidays: 8930, 6930, 5735 and 4730

Is it me, or is this week ‘launch your absurdly large laptop week’?  Acer completes the 18.4-inch trifecta (Sony’s here and HP’s here) with the Aspire 8930.  We’re talking an HD resolution screen, 2.53Ghz Core2 Duo T9400 processor, 4GB of RAM, 320GB 7200rpm hard drive and Blu-ray player.  Cost: $1,700

The remaining three Aspires – 6930, 5735 and 4730 – boast consecutively smaller screens (16, 15.6, and 14.1-inch), half the RAM, give or take, and slightly slower processors.  As expected, their price is far more consumer friendly with the bottom rung lappy going for $550.

They’re all available now.

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